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Checked out Classic Albums Live - Fleetwood Mac's Rumours Last night....


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  • Checked out Classic Albums Live - Fleetwood Mac's Rumours Last night....

    Hey guys:

    Well like the title says, I checked out this show last night. For those of you who might not know, Classic Albums Live are a company that has various touring groups on the road who reproduce classic rock albums live. The show is divided into two parts. They perform the featured album first, in sequence, and reproduce it exactly as recorded . The second half of the show is a ' greatest hits' package. Now when I say exact, I mean it. For this show, the drummer was using an old set of blue sparkle Ludwig Keystone badge drums. They must have had triggers on the kit because the drum sound matched exactly what the Rumours album had.
    They were amazing. I've seen bar bands cover ' The Chain' with wide ranging results, and that's one song you absolutely have to nail. there's no give. these guys did it better than Mac probably does it now. Instrumentation was first rate, Dynamics were perfect, they even copied the song fades . Drum Wise, those of you who might rush past Mick Fleetwood ought to give him another listen. The guy playing his parts copied them precisely, and its amazing how much you'd miss things like the off time cymbal accents in ' Dreams' or the snare drum fills in ' Go Your Own Way' . Fleetwood was and is a very tasteful drummer and is of the club of knowing exactly where to place the right fill or accent at the right time for maximum effect.

    Best of all: Tickets were 35.00. No way in hell can you see Mac for anything close to that, and chances are they ain't performing the material with same care and passion these guys put into it. If you ever see them in your town, they're worth checking out. They have crews out on the road right now doing Dark Side Of The Moon , Sergeant Pepper/Abby Road, Crime Of The Century ( I've seen that one too, its awesome) So if you want to see a group of musicians who obviously care about the music they're playing, check them out.


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    How the hell did I miss this post?

    CAL is a top-notch effort, and I will pass on your kind review to them: I am acquaintances/semi-friends with the guy behind everything.
    He busts his ASS to make sure they put on the highest quality performances. My fingers are perpetually crossed that he makes good on his threat to open a US-based arm of things, with at least some sourcing from his contacts in Chicago, because I would play my heart out for him in any capacity he could use me.
    For cripe's sake, somebody buy that kid a freaking DICTIONARY already!