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Best mesh heads for lowest price

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  • Best mesh heads for lowest price

    Wanting to do the mesh head conversion on my eKit. 

    Looks like the Pearl mesh heads are the cheapest, but I'd like 2 ply. Best quality I can get for the money. 

    Sometimes it's worth the extra 20 bucks to get the good stuff ya know.. 

    So anyway, if anybody know where to get the good stuff for cheap, pass it along please. 

    Or if anybody knows of any hidden gems out there. 


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    I use the pintech piccolo snare and the heads are pretty expensive (in my opinion).  Last time, I got new ones on ebay from a guy who was parting out his ekit.

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      Had my roland (remo) ones on my kit for 4 or 5 years now.  Don't think I'm anywhere near needing to replace them.  Guess that says something. 


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        Roland heads would probably be the best bet, but aren't cheap by any means.   I have seen quite a bit of DIY mesh heads on youtube.  Just searching "DIY mesh heads", and this poped out.   If you have time, maybe you can try this out: