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Buying a single bass drum (1pc kit)


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  • Buying a single bass drum (1pc kit)

    I don't use any of the toms or snare that came with my kit.  I really like the bass drum, but it seems silly to keep a 5pckit for one drum.  I want to sell the kit and buy a nice bass drum, ideally maple 20X20, but I'm open to other options, warm deep and punchy is how I like it.  It's hard to find single bass drums for sale.  I'm looking for reccomendations. 


    Seems this is the only guy in town


    Will I be happy with that guy?  Is it worth the price?  Anyone know of other options?

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    I'm guessing you're finding it difficult to find a 20x20 maple shell, because any drum retailer will sell you just a bass drum.


    I can't vouch for the sound of the Ludwig 'cause I've never played them. I also prefer 18" or even 16" deep bass drums;  but I figure you know what you're looking for and are satisfied with the 20x20.


    I believe Ddrum and Crush both make a 20x20 all maple bass drum.  I have no first-hand experience with either brand.

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      i'm at a space where i just buy single drums with the thought that i'll piece together my ideal kit, then get them all re-wrapped. right now i have 20, 22 and 24" kicks. i love them all, but will really just use the 20 and 22. but, there's no harm having the 24, just sitting around as the shell. the same goes for the toms i have. whatever i'm not using, i can gut the lugs for another.

      anyway, http://www.drumfarm.com/ is where i bought a bunch of shells. check the "loners" section. or just email the guy. you might find a cheaper way to find what you like.