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Tama Guys need some help/////


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  • Tama Guys need some help/////

    Came across a Tama snare drum in a pawn shop. Its in a nice padded hardcase.  Its black, exterior and interior.....doesnt look like wood or steel....fibreglass maybe????  Had one piece solid lugs....14x8.....and the badge I will post.....tag was $175....never seen anything like it,....anything special??  who knows??/



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    Jack of all trades....Master of none...


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      I think could be either an Artstar II  (maple) or a Granstar II (birch) snare drum.  The early Artstar II drums had a black inner coating, but you could still see the plies of the shell at the bearing edge.  I'm not sure if they did that with the Granstar drums.   What shape were the lugs?. 

      You can go to Tama and look all this up and find that model in their catalogs.

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    Tama used to make a fiberglass shell snare called.............wait for it..................FIBERSTAR!!!

    I'd be willing to bet that's it.

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      My first reply at HC since the new layout so please bear with me and I'm on my iPhone to boot so this should be fun.

      Sounds like a late 80's Artwood with birch shell in Piano Black lacquer. I custom ordered the 6.5 version in 88 and its still my primary gig snare. Zero issues with the Freedom lugs IME. Mine has diecast hoops as well and the inside of the drum has a thin coat of black paint up to each bearing edge. Mine is the 9 ply but they also made a 14 ply monster of this same model. My guess is that you've spotted the 9 ply. Here is the page from the 88 Tama Snare catalog:
      My apologies if the link didn't paste properly.... Dave


      • race81
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        That add says it all.  I went back down there this afternoon and its a direct match to the one in the add....6.5x14.  Other than the batter head being used its flawless.  Its actually in a anvil hard fibre case that the foam is deteriating inside and the sticker from a previoous owner states its originally from california,.,.....I guess some serious gas hit me...I bought the snare, gonna get it cleaned up and get some better pics.  I alsopicked up a complete bag of cymbals at the same place..inside was get this..a full set of paiste 2000 series..22,18,17,16, a sabian 22 ride, a set of hollow logo 14" zildjian hats, a zildjian 14" crash(center hole egg shaped), a cowbell, upper  cymbal arm, new set of brushes, old set of mallets, a monkey wrench, cleaning cloths, and a bottle of 3 n 1 oil.  Try and get some pics for ya...

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      GREAT score! I hope you like the snare, mine has earned it's keep since 88. Love that snare.


      • Humble Pie
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        I have one of these too, great snare drums that really "speak." That heavy shell makes the heads do a lot of work, so you really have to keep up on tuning since the lugs on mine tend to "creep."