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Roland TD-20 V drums with NI Abbey Road/ Studio Drummer Issues


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  • Roland TD-20 V drums with NI Abbey Road/ Studio Drummer Issues

    I've found that trying to trigger NI's Abbey Road and Studio Drummer with my TD-20 kit is useless- the velocities are all off and it's impossible to get a consistent performance. I've tried some basic tweaking with the software but nothing seems to work. The kit works great with Steven Slate Drums and EZ Drummer, everything is even and as it should be. Anyone have any settings for getting Abbey Road/ Studio Drummer to work well with the V Drums?

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    uhh...how many can afford a TD-20 set, yet alone the software?
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      Ha, thanks for the helpful response. I got the kit used for real cheap, and abbey road drums is only $100. I'm failing to see your point?