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Jeff Hanneman, guitarist for Slayer. RIP


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  • Jeff Hanneman, guitarist for Slayer. RIP

    I just read about Jeff's passing at the young age of 49 and was saddened for both his family and his fans. I can't say that I was a fan of their music, but I respect any musician out there doing what they love and making people happy in the process. I wish his family all the best.

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    true. just shocking. it was strange to see him take such a long hiatus, tho.
    i miss you, mark
    r.i.p. rudy


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      49 is way too young to go. Jeff has contracted necrotizing fasciitis in 2011, which is why he had to stop playing with Slayer while Gary Holt (of Exodus) stepped in. He passed away from liver failure... not sure if there's a correlation or not.

      I may not have been a fan, but he wrote many songs that inspired hundreds of thousands of guitarists the world over, and his contribution to music is legendary.