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    Have a Yamaha DD-65 desktop drum kit. It's pretty cool but the hi-hat sucks. The main reason it sucks is because the volume is preset and you can't raise it. It sounds like a whisper beside the snares for example. In fact I don't use it at all because it is so rubbish. All the other percussion effects are okay, only the hi-hat spoils the fun.

    There are several drum kits like the DD-65 out there - do any of them have a dedicated control for the hi-hat please?

    Or is there a separate electro hi-hat module I could use alongside the DD-65, a module I could adjust the volume for?




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      Not sure about desktop kits, but I am looking for a great new Yamaha electronic drum kit - perhaps a DTX? Any thoughts on these?


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        Most Yamaha kit is great but there is still the issue of the fixed hi-hat volume. I will probably end up using a real hi-hat and recording it separately. Brushes are also an issue with electro kits and if you tend towards a jazz feel to percussion the loss of hi-hat and brushes begins to really compromise what is possible.

        But I am not a percussionist, I use the desktop kit to fill out compositions, and for that it is worth its weight