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Button-Pushers Vs. DJs

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  • Button-Pushers Vs. DJs


    So what does it mean when articles like this hit the mainstream?!?
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    That's a great article. A-Trak is a good DJ and I agree with the points he makes here. To me the bedrock of DJing is being able to read a crowd and knowing what tracks to put on where and when. If you were to apply the business efficiency rule of 80%-20%, that is the 20% that matters most and provides the biggest impact in my opinion. The line has blurred between producer and DJ with todays current equipment. A producer can think about what crowd they'll be playing to and can construct an entire set ahead of time. But I don't put a value judgment on that. Mixing, Trick Mixing, Scratching and Beat Juggling etc is a bonus and I admire my all the DJs out there that are very proficient in those areas but they are not a necessity. I myself do those things to and am an advocate of the craft of turntablism.

    I don't see things being a case that 'Real DJs' are under threat or anything like that. There will always be people like me that love turntablism and live improvised mixing and there will always be people like me that do it and entertain people with it. It just means there is more choice. A producer doesn't have to remain in the studio like before. He/she can go out and put a show on for everyone even if the actual show was constructed ahead of time, people are still entertained by it!
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