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Looks Like Beatport is Being Sold...

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  • Looks Like Beatport is Being Sold...

    According to a story in Billboard magazine, Beatport is being auctioned off. Excerpt: "SFX Entertainment is in negotiations to sell its streaming/download service Beatport, an unsurprising event that will help the debt-laden company pay down its debts. Beatport was acquired in 2013 for $50 million to be an online platform to reach artists, producers, DJs and EDM fans."

    The story has some really interesting tidbits about SFX entertainment in general.
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    It happens all the time. Internet companies start to notice that other Internet companies are turning into financial black holes.

    It is incredible to me however, how comes that a popular platform can be so deep in debt. The same goes for example, to twitter which has never earned a penny in overall summary.