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  • Getting the best off eBay and HC Classifieds

    Self-explanatory. Let's put an eBay thread in the FAQ.

    Info only, please - I'll take the rants out after I move the thread to the FAQ.

    thanks -
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    Vote your maximum amount in the beginning. Don't get in a bidding war. If someone wants it more than you and is willing to pay more than you, let them have it. Otherwise you will get in a bidding war and end up paying way too much for something.



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      I probably have the highest feedback count........
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        Yeah, ALWAYS check the feedback first. If they only have one or 2, it could be dicey..
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          Definitely check out the seller's feedback. If you're the seller, be honest and prompt to any queries.

          Feel free to bid your maximum amount right away, but it's common practice for many to wait to nearly the end of the auction to place their bid.
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            1. Always keep all copies of email exchange - from the first ebay bid confrimation notice to the last email when you inform the seller that you have received the package. Keep those copies for another couple of weeks after the transaction is completed, in case the product gone defective after a short while.

            2. If you're buying a combo amp or a cab, always ask if the speakers had been driven hard or been replaced. Wouldn't hurt to ask what other gears were used in conjuction with the amp or the cab.

            3. If you're buying a used tube amp or preamp, ask how old the tubes are and their brand.

            4. When buying a used fretless bass, always ask for the condtion of the fingerboard, or even some close up photos at various location of the fretboard to inspect for any wear.


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              Originally posted by willsellout
              Vote your maximum amount in the beginning. Don't get in a bidding war. If someone wants it more than you and is willing to pay more than you, let them have it. Otherwise you will get in a bidding war and end up paying way too much for something.


              I agree, but with some modification.
              You probably don't want to bid your maximum amount when the auction just started and you're the first or second bidder. Because there's always someone who'll come in later and bid a few more bucks then yours. Then you may get yourself into a bidding war again.

              I think you should bid your maximum at any point after the auction have only 1-2 days left. Just a suggestion.


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                i personally won't buy anything off of ebay unless they have a photo of the actual piece of equipment they are selling. i feel a little uneasy if they just copy a photo off of the manufacturers website, even if they do have good feedback.


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                  What's sniping?
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                    It's like you're winning an auction, and at the last possible seconds before it ends, someone outbid you by a few bucks, or whatever the minimal incremental amount the auction was set to be. So you lost the auction, sometimes could even be only by a difference of a few cents!!


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                      Sniping programs post your maximum bid amount within a few seconds of the end of the auction. They'll basically guarantee that you get the item as long as you're willing to pay more than the other people. If on the other hand you don't bid high enough, you won't have time to re-bid after it's placed.

                      Be careful going higher than you usually would when sniping; I've seen two sniped bids hit at the same time, and neither person was willing to bid that amount; they bid a ridiculously high amount thinking no one else would get that high. Kinda funny.
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                        also, you should email the seller before bidding on anything. Ask him a few questions about the gear, the shipping, etc. just to sound him out.

                        Judge him on his response, if he sounds unprofessional and apathetic, he probably is.
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                          only buy stuff that kicks ass!


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                            what I do.

                            1)know the max amount you can/will spend
                            2) bid it with about 10 seconds to go. More than likely you'll win. may get for a fair bit cheaper than your max bid - but may not - so make sure it's a realistically affordable bid
                            3)I NEVER bid early. this just needlessly bumps up the price and lets others know there's competition for an item.

                            The drawback with bidding this late is if you don't have good computer access, you often miss out on great things. But just as good will come up again more often than not. It's no bust if you miss out on a "must have" item. Often it can be a good thing as you have a bit of a rush of blood etc. and weren't hinking entirely rationally.

                            lastly - think outside the box. I've won a couple of auctions by contacting the seller and I didn't bid at all. In one case there was no bidder, in the other there were heaps, but reserve wasn't met (JUST, as it turned out). Don't be afraid to contact someone if you miss an auction and really want an item. If you offer a bit more than the highest bidder and the seller has very little feedback - he may well sell to you, even though there was a legit high bidder. He won't care about the resulting negative feedback from the buyer, as he can just start a new moniker. Note I've never done this last thing. It could work - I don't see why it wouldn't, but I've never been i that situation.

                            Good luck!

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                              I agree with willsellout- whether you want to bid early or wait until the last minute, be sure you've decided on a maximum amount you're willing to pay. Always know that before you bid.

                              Ask the seller questions. If you're going to be buying something that's gonna cost a few hundred bucks or more, you have every right to ask as many questions as you like. You can tell a lot about a seller by how (and sometimes if) they respond.

                              Look for hidden damage. If the pics don't show something and the seller skirts around the issue when you ask, chances are something's awry.