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  • 8 string bass

    I got my 8 string* Dean Rhapsody out of storage today for the first time in about 5 years. My left hand hurts from playing it for two hours but, man, I love how this thing sounds.

    Now all I have to do is find a group to play it in. Neither of the ones I'm in now would work with an 8-er.

    Please feel free to discuss how awesome 8 strings are. And/or how much they suck. Or that you don't get them. Also 8 string guitars. Wtf is with them encroaching on our space? Yes, I know that's what 8str basses do to them.

    *8 this way:

    Not 8 this way:


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    8-String Basses are very cool and Ive played the Dean Rhapsody 8-String before and I personally really liked it .............

    Of course, I have a Hamer Chapperal 12-String Bass in my collection so I don't need it
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      I've played several 12's. Dean, Hammer and a really nice Waterstone they had in stock last time I went to Gruhn's, but they're not for me. Too much octave for my taste.


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        I have in the past had a Dean, got rid of it and then later regretted it. Recently added a Schecter Stiletto Studio 8 to the collection and find this one far more playable than the Dean. I too love the sound of an 8, but I am also very fond of flatwound strings, so I contacted La Bella and they made me some sets of 8's in flatwound. Very nice. More of a chorus effect without the chorus pedal. I have a couple of sets for sale at $50 each.


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          I'd love to try one.


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            I like them. Had a Dean 8, then a 12. The 8 wasn't too bad to play once I changed the strings. I like thin strings, and the stock ones seem about the same size as the cables on those roadside guardposts. The 12 was still pretty tough even with the thinnest strings I could find - 85s and 2 sets of La Bella M10s. Those strings did at least allow me to get the bow out of the neck... with the stock ones, the tension was just too much.

            Sold both and got into shorter scales - current 30" scale 8 string is much easier to reach with my short fingers and the lower tension makes fretting the extra string a breeze.