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put on the Signals album for the 1st time in a long time........

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  • put on the Signals album for the 1st time in a long time........

    put on the Signals album for the 1st time in a long time and Digital Man freakin' RAAAWKKKS!

    i forgot how much i loved this song!
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    My second favorite Rush album. Saw them Tuesday and the started the show with Subdivisions.
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      I saw the Signals tour in 1983 in Cinci. Every one since then except for Hold Your Fire and Clockwork Angels. I did see Presto twice.

      Subdivisions was the first Rush song I learned to play, on keys.
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        Great album. Damn near my favorite.


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          I saw Rush in San Diego Wednesday night. They opened with Subdivisions. Most of the first half of the night seemed to come from Power Windows. Great show as always, though.
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            I was raking leaves listening to the entire album on YouTube. Amazing how fast you can pull it all in and bag it up while rocking out.

            I had Grace Under Pressure on it too.
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              It's a desert island album for me, for sure. One of my very favorites.

              The bass pedals kicking in on the chorus of Analog Kid kills me every time.


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                I prefer Roll the Bones or Power Windows but I'm weird I guess :-p great album though