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Love My Wishbass!

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  • Love My Wishbass!

    I read a lot of Wish Bashing and I often want to agree. But only to an extent. With WISH you have to know what you are doing, what you want and have vision... or know someone that is really great at taking these basses and turning them into something beautiful. I use a guy in Cedar Park, Texas (Scott White) look him up on Facebook). Wishes start out needing a lot of work but the joy of owning one is in what they can become. I have owned 2 and want another one. I hated that I traded my first wish (my avatar). So i got another. The tone is awesome and there is no need for a truss rod. I also play upright and love the thicker neck. It actually fits perfectly in my hand when I play (larger hands though... i guess that might have something to do with it). 

    Check 'em out.





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    ummmmmm no.
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    • chunky-b
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      We have a new wave of newbs who want to share...  yeah!


      Welcome!  Even though you won't find much (if any) love for a Wish Bass, um, welcome anyway!!!  :cathappy:

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    Ignore the Wish haters.  His build quality isn't all that great typically but he has some interesting designs....

    ...that he should probably be giving to someone else to actually build

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    • IndustryRenegade
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      Too funny. If I was worried about the haters, I wouldn't have posted the pics. Pretty proud of my wishbass and the sound is actually awesome. Anyway... I own several other basses, Fender, Ibanez and an old Peavey T-40... And I just sold my Palatino EUB. I've been playing for 18 months. I love the bass. Since September of last year I have practiced for 3-4 hours every day except for about 11 days (vacation and sick once). I have a pretty thick skin guys and appreciate ALL of the comments. No worries.

      I love the design and you're right. Wish should really leave the build to someone else. the guy that refinished mine literally deconstructed the entire bass and then rebuilt it. He has some cool step by step pics on Facebook.

      Thanks for the warm welcome.