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    Spammy, Spam thread, and the spammer is permabanned. Fruno gave me an idea with his post beneath. Famous sports figures sayings. It's as simple as that. I'll give an example since last night opened the MLB season.


    Let's play two. - Ernie Banks



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    it's like deja vu all over agian.

    You added another useless post...who could ask for more? - BMAL
    I actually just realised what a dumb thread this is - bassaussie
    What a stupid thread. - bassaussie
    Tall Girl was everything a HCBF thread should be. - ivanthetrble
    Take care of yourself...and each other. - jerry springer

    you have brave ballz of cast iron to fight the trog forces of haTE. - boy#152

    and after you're finished, you say-
    Ooh, what a lovely teaparty


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      We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time. ~Vince Lombardi
      Dennis Hopper's retirement plan, except Dennis is dead
      Retired and likin' it a lot!
      Regards. Rimmer


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