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  • Smooth Jazz tone.....

    Not always a huge fan of the genre**, but there's some good stuff there. Yesterday I heard a song called 'Wanting' by Gabriela Anders. It had a bass tone I hear often in smooth jazz: dark/deep yet clear and articulate with no muddiness. Heavyshift sometimes employs a similar bass tone, as does much other material in the genre.

    So I'm wondering if anyone here has devoted time to getting that tone, and how they go about it.



    **Full of great talent making great music. Doesn't hit me in the gut so I'm not a big fan, but that's not a fault of the music or its purveyors.


    "Your own limitations render you incapable of realizing that not everyone is as limited as yourself."

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    A quick listen gives me some idea of the tone and how to approach it. I've found that this particular tone is a little tricky to cop.

    I'm hearing active electronics of some kind given the clarity of the notes, and the even dynamics are likely from a compressor. The low strings have that new string growl. The sound has some low end, but seems more focused on low mids than sheer bottom. Having a very light touch seems to be a big part of this tone.

    I don't know that specific gear is really a big part of this tone. If you have good gear, you should be able to at least approach this kind of tone with the right touch.
    Play more bass.


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      Sunburst's assessment is right on to my ears. The only things I'd add is that it is probably roundwound strings and recorded through a DI rather than any kind of mic'd amp.

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      I've gotten it with my Conklin GT7 and the amp controls relatively flat. My Tune TWB53, otoh, can't come close despite being active; the bass just somehow generates too much of a piano tone.