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  • Roland RD600

    Do anyone know this keyboard. I've asked on the appopriate forum but they don't seem too willing to answer newbee questions in there. As you may have read I'm considering getting a yamaha p90 but now I found a used RD600 for less than half. Is this something I should consider?

    Edit: I should mention that some amount of travel is involved in getting it, and I think it's been discontinued. At least I can't find it in stores. So trying it out first is tricky...
    Man har kun det skæg man selv sidder på.

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    [shrugs shoulders]

    check out the review section there might be something there


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      I own a Roland rd 600 and love it. The drawback is that it's heavy. Really heavy. But I keep it in my studio and if I gig I bring either my Yamaha or if I'm traveling will bang around with my Casio. I see rd300 and 700 for sale quite often, but not many people get rid of their rd600's. I have had mine since 97, and only recently got the hammers replaced which ran me $400. That's the only upkeep that has been needed. The action is very sensitive and uses long hammers within to give a really authentic feel, unlike the lighter and smaller technology used today.