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Getting shuttle 6.2 later this week.

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  • Getting shuttle 6.2 later this week.

    A little background. last few years I've been playing EB & URB in a couple cover bands, gigging regularly and lugging around a GBE 1200 (45 lb.s +rack) leftover from my original rock band days. Coupled with a Frankencab (old swr workingman with kappa lite 15, 54 lb.s) this was plenty for any of our gigs. Overkill really.. Shuttle 6.2 gets here Thursday. Next in my sights is a fishman platinum pro bass, but I think Frankencab eventually has to go, for weight if nothing else. My plan is to get a nice 12, then down the road something else and sell the 15. Right now, I'm leaning towards an Epifani PS 112, for the price and weight, and reviews. From what i read the UL (?) is better, but nearly twice the price. As far as I know nobody in my area carries them though, so I can't test drive.. For down the road, just looking for a second cab, I stumbled upon "Greg's pro audio", they have these interesting 1X10's, large dimensions, actually heavier than the Epi 12. 350 watt. Same price as the Epi. Anyone have any experience with either of these? Thanks.

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    I read what reviews I could find on them.
    I've never hear of the company before and there's not a whole lot about them on line.
    The reviews I did find were lackluster at best. No more than I'd expect coming from a single 1X12 cab.

    The one guy said it lacks mics, something that's important on a small cab.
    Another guy said the strap sucked because the cabs too heavy for a single strap
    in the middle like that instead of one at each end which would be more practical on a cab of that size and weight,
    the carpet covering begins to look ratty quickly and it needed rubber feet. He said that cab would need at least a 1X10
    to produce the mids it lacked as well.

    I don't know man. The cab has been discontinued from several of the stores too. I found one that was a 400 watter selling for
    $399 some place. When you add shipping you're looking at around $450 for a single 1X12 cab?
    I wouldn't pay more than $100 for it. for $450 you could get a much better 4X10 SVT loaded.
    If you're wanting to go light, I guess there aren't too many options. I'd likely go for a 1X15 cab with one of those lightweight Neo
    speakers. I've never liked 12's for bass however. The tones they produce are too close to the guitar frequencies.
    I do have a vintage Sunn 6X12" cab. The speakers are a bit old so they do flap a little at high volume. The only reason I don't
    use it more is because the thing weighs a friggin ton. My back cant handle moving stuff that weighs too much any more.
    Plus I have a single 15" folded Sunn cab that is dam near as loud as the 8X12. Its even louder when you're out in the audience.