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Sound Quality

Wow... is very common to find bad comments about this unit... specially when they come from little boys who need hard distortions... But i have a different vision about this unit. I plugged a 78 vintage Les Paul (mahogany) in a Fender Amp... It's sounds very fine... The clean effects are very good! Chorus is very nice, and with the compressor i could reach an excelent 'poping' and 'bright' sound with the guitar... Excelent for jazz. The distortion... well, if you play something before the 80's, you can use the presets... If you want to play some heavy metal with high harmonics you have to work hard on it... You have the Pre equalized distortion... So, you can edit the color of you distortion equalizing it... Wow, since i've bought this unit, i'm still editing my PreEQ distortions... But i have nice ones today... Another good point: the low drive, is very nice! You can get an vintage drive very similar to the blues OD used in the latest 60 or during the 70... Something like David Gilmour... Or something like Scott Henderson today... Very nice!!!!


General Comments

think about the price... the advantages are ok!

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