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Sound Quality

After reading all these reviews about GE-7 I was confused. Some people say that this pedal is noisy. Other people say that it is not. Ok. My setup is: Ibanez 550ltd -> Ibanez SM-7 -> Ibanez CF-7 -> Boss DD-3 -> Boss GE-7 -> Peavey Envoy/Marshall JCM800. I bought this pedal because I needed to cut some mids. I tried this pedal with many setups even with no other pedal in my pedalboard. This pedal sucks anyway. My setup is noisier with this pedal. If you have all knobs at 0 the noise is the same even it is on or off. The big nightmare begins when you move the knobs. Even a “touch” on a knob transforms this idiot box to a TV without an antenna cable. If the problem was only the noise I would give this pedal a 5. The grade is 2 because GE-7 is not versatile at all. If you don’t set the knobs at least at the half distance from 0 to max or min you are not gonna have any difference from your original sound.


Seems solid like every Boss pedal. It is like a stone but even a stone would have better sound than this.

General Comments

I am sick of all these Taiwan made pedals. I wish I had bought the USA Digiteck eq that the dealer in the store suggest me.

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