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behringer V-Tone GM108 15W Modeling Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Wow. That's a good word to start here. {This is going to be pretty long} I was originally going for the Roland MicroCube, but at the last moment i lacked some money and didn't want to wait till i get some more money so i decided to go for this one, I haven't even tried it cause it's not available in my town... I read all the reviews overhere and decided to just order it.. this is not intended to be my main amp, just something small, lightweight and something that sounds good on super low levels and what i can carry around my flat when i practice, so i was willing to sacrifice tone for portability and price.. when it got here i realized that i didn't sacrifice anything, it sounds simply stunning. I think it sounds much better than those little Marshalls (VS15, MG15RCD, MG15DFX..), Roland Microcube and Cube15, Kustom, Laney, Fender.. actually, i couldn't find anything in the ~200euro price range that sounded this good. I use a Gibson Les Paul Studio with stock pickups... This amp doesn't just sound good for the price, it really sounds good! It's very versatile, so i'll just cover a couple of "basic" sounds available: - for clean i use tweed-clean-uk - i'm mostly a hard-rock/metal/blues player so clean channel isn't that important to me. It sounds good nonetheless, but it's pretty silent compared to hi-gain and hot so you have to turn the master volume level a bit.. turning the gain up gives it little dirtyness, but really little, it stays very clean - for bluesy crunch i use tweed/hi gain/us, i love this sound. Very very good, reminiscent of SRV, it's got definition and it really "bites" if you dig in with your pick.. - for hard-rock crunch i use british/hi gain/uk, i does that ac/dc_type crunch very well too.. putting gain on about 2-3 is more than enough.. - for metal chugging i use mostly california/hi-gain/us. This is where this amp really shines, imho. It's got a lot of gain available, you could probably do death-metal type sounds (if you wanted).. I was (and still am) amazed how much bass this little thing has, and it sounds really tight, not flubby or boomy, and that's not something you expect from a 1*8", open back practice amp! Simply put, the bass is tight, the mids are fat and the highs are razor-like sharp. Also, it sounds natural, like a tube amp (more like a tube amp than a modelling amp), and you can hear every single note within a chord... it's very silent, there's no annoying hissing or fizzing, dead silent, even with gain maxed. The cool thing is that with just a flick of the switch from california to tweed you go from metal to blues... Does it sounds like a mesa/marshall/fender? Absolutelly not, but it sounds good and that's what it matters, not how good is it mimicing the "real" amps.. imagine california mode being darker and having more gain than the british and tweed having more twang and less gain.. "hot" has more gain than the "hi-gain" but it's also brighter, "us" has more bass and that low-end punch while the "uk" setting is more mid-heavy, "flat" sounds, well flat, i use it very rarely... but also it's very important how your bass/mid/treble controls are set cause they are really touch sensitive and you can actually hear the difference if your treble control is on 5 or 6, that's really rare on these small practice amps.. amazing. And, yes, don't get fooled by it's size, it can get really loud, i rarely put the master volume above 2.5. Like someone overhere said, this amp really shouldn't sound this good for this price.


Well, i don't intend to use it on gigs.. It seems solidly build - for home use. I've had their v-amp2 and never had any problems with it.

General Comments

I've been playing for about 9 years, mostly hard-rock, metal and some blues. I own a Gibson Les Paul Studio, Mesa/Boogie Studio .22+ and Boss GE-7 (which i use in the loop of the M/B). I bought this amp to use it for practicing at home and it serves that purpose extremely well. Can get super-silent (for playing in the middle of the night), you can connect headphones to it but it can also get fairly loud (when you're home alone ;)). It won't do gigs cause it was not meant for that, and no, it won't replace my Mesa, but for home wankery you'd hard pressed to find anything better, especially for the price. If it was stolen or something, i would buy it again for sure, i haven't find an amp that sounded this good for this price. I love absolutely everything about this amp, i don't hate anything, i don't miss anything. I compared it to those little Marshalls, Rolands, Kustoms, Laneys, Fenders and in my opinion it sound better than all of those.

If you want clips, you can go to my homepage (www.mrmot.tk), i did one with it (more to come), you can hear for yourself, it records amazingly.

I know that this review is pretty "glowing" but i can assure you, i don't work for behringer or anything like that, this amp is just really good, try it for yourself, it's very inspiring and since i've had it, i've been playing more than ever. Best 80 euros i've ever spent.

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