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DOD FX747 Super Sonic Stereo Flanger

Sound Quality

Very good sound quality, especially for a DOD. I was VERY pleasantly surprised- being as picky as I am with my tone/sound. It is a subtle flange, not real "wet" (unless knobs 1 & 4 are dimed). That's what I like about it. You can get lots of sounds out of. What I like the most about it, is it's subtleness when needed (I'm not into real heavy "wet" sounds when I play live), and it makes for a great stereo chorus actually- better than most chorus pedals I've tried. Actually can get a very vintage VH sound when used with distortion. If it had a hint of noise I wouldn't still own or use it, period. It does give a breathy noise if all the controls are dimed, but I set #1 & #2 @ 12 o'clock, #3 @ 9 o'clock, and #4 @ 11 o'clock, (it makes NO noise at these settings). I've noticed no "tone sucking" when used, or bypassed. My main gtr is a '91 Ibanez 770FM (rare USA made), upgraded with Van Zandt pickups. Setup: Gtr > Boss TU2 tuner > Ibanez Soundtank TS-5 (808 & brown-sound modded) "tone" > DOD 747 > Maxon OD 808 "boost" > Boss DD-3 (wished the DD3 wasn't so clean and sterile, I'm working on that as we speak. But I don't use delay all that much, just if the song requires it, so it's not that big a deal). I stereo the DOD "wet" side thru the Maxon and delay into a Peavey Classic 50, 2-12(one of the BEST sounding clean amps for under 1K so far, and very underrated, but many national acts I've played with use these and take the Peavey emblem off, and most think they're using a Fender). In fact my band mates have Sodanos and Matchless they gave limbs for, and my tone is just as good. The "dry" side of the DOD goes straight to an Ampeg VH 140-C (the best sounding clean SS amp nobody's heard of, compliments the classic 50 like you've never heard). Some have said that the 747 should be used before overdrive. I agree. But since I use 2 TS-808 clones (one for tone, and one for boost), the boost actually sounds better after the 747. Interestingly enough, I opened this puppy up to check it's craftsmanship (I always do), and found that it has 6 chips! Four of those are the vaunted JRC 4558D chip found in the 808's. Maybe that's why this box seems so "warm". I dunno, but I thought it was interesting.


Seems built well. Works when I step on it. I always have a plan B. It's kinda old and still gives me service, so that's a good thing. But I always take good care of my gear, and have road cases for everything.

General Comments

I play Classic Rock (T-Rex, Skynyrd, Eagles), some newer (and classic)country, old funk, etc. Covers, mostly with a very wide variety because that's what is required at the clubs, private parties, etc., that we play - and that's why we are hired. It's the music I grew up with, makes me happy.


Yeah, I laugh at the drunk(s) in audience too when they yell "FREEBIRD!!!" too. But we'll play it if the guy slaps down a C-note on the stage to do it, hehe.


Stolen? insert favorite soundbite here_________.


I don't think they are that easy to find....yeah, if it were stolen or lost, I'd buy another if it were available. If you are reading this review because you have a chance to get one, and trying to decide, I'd recommend getting it if not too pricey and not dead.


I've been gigging since the late 70's (our band has been together since then). I've owned every brand of Amp for under 1K. Every multiple effects rack units (Yuk). Most every brand of stomp boxes, including boutiques(most very overrated). I'm the kinda guy (as is the other guitarists in my band) that believe simplest, and cleanest, is best. While this may seem like I'm exagerating, I am not.


Different styles and sounds have come and gone over the years, and playing covers of the day, and different styles as well, I've tried to stay ahead of the curve. We seem to have gone back to our roots.


The big hair days of the 80's are gone! And some of the crappy gear everyone HATED in the 70's seems to have made it's way into the present, and costing WAY too much.


I've made lots over the years gigging, and imagine that if I were to add it up, and subtract what I've spent on GTR and PA gear, I would probable be in the red, hehe. I don't do it for the money.


I can hear it now, "Yeah, but you use a Peavey and a Soundtank! If you've really own/owned all that stuff, why? Are you a dumbass?"


NO. The Peavey classic 50 sounds BETTER than my '74 Marshall Plexi 50 watt head and 4x12 cabinet. BELIEVE it! Besides, I'm leaving all my vintage stuff under lock and key and gonna sell it for top dallar to some "vintage fool", while I keep less expensive stuff that actually SOUNDS BETTER. And my modded Soundtank TS-5 sounds better than my original TS9, modded, and actually better than the maxon. WTF? Believe it. Warm, creamy butter. I only hate it's cheap plastic. But I love to see guys in other bands who are great gtr players {censored}e when the hear me, only to find out at the end of the night, or between sets, what I'm using. hehe. Hey, I don't get endorsements, or free gear to play. So I'm gonna play what sounds good, that I don't have to give limbs for, that miked don't sound ANY better.


Overall, I'd give this product an 8. That's impressive since I'm critical, and I'm comparing it to very good stuff that's on the market (albeit very expensive). It's a good sound for the money.

And honestly, I learned a long time ago:


You cannot take a $100 stomp box, a $200 guitar, and a $200 amp, and expect it to sound like a $2500 rig.


You cannot expect a certain holy grail sound from something by using it for something it was NOT made for (OK there are a few exceptions).


You CAN, however, use this box and put it with a $2500 rig, and it will hold up miked thru a PA system to a $800 rack unit thru the same rig. For $35 bucks, I feel like I ripped off my friend. But that's what he gave for it off e-bay, so I guess I feel good about it.

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