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Sound Quality

It's definitely better than Behringer, and about on par with the ZOOM 2 pedals (not the zoom 1 pedals).

What I missed in quality on the reverb was:
The reverb is not on par with a 32bit fpp reverb on a VST on a computer.
It's definitely better than Behringer's 24 bit reverb, but still not perfect enough!

I think the processing core is not powerful enough to simulate a perfect reverb. The reverb quality is more like echo being reverbed (you can hear several repeats per second getting reverbed, (a mono ping-pong)), even when you increase the quality to 100 it's not perfect yet; but a lot better than on 20. Below 10, the reverb more sounds like a small room's stone backwall bouncing back the sound instead of reverbing it.

The EQ seriously lacks channels, only having the 4 basic frequencies (bass, lowmid, highmid, and treble).

The cabsims are nothing but an EQ curve applied on the sound. If you find you have too much lowend, or too much mids, or sharp sound, and can't get rid of it with the EQ, perhaps the cab sims can help you!

The processor core does give a noticeable delay, especially when combining multiple cpu intensive effects.
The delay is between 11 and 18ms, not enough to make playing the bass unplayable, but enough to make it noticeable!
Some effects have no delay at all, others (like pitchbend), have a pretty long delay (perhaps even in the 20-30ms).

don't get mislead by the negative review I give, this device is on par with Zoom2 pedals, and far above most Behringer rack stuff!
The quality is actually quite pleasing to the ear!


It looks made very well. Almost Roland quality, meaning durable, and strong,

but the housing is made out of plastic, not metal, which makes it less durable.

Also, I have to stomp quite hard on the pedal to get the effect working. That, I fear, may one day break the device!

General Comments

I'll give this a meagre 7, because the price did not make this device a super buy!
Yes, it's a good buy compared to boss pedals, it has more feats than the ME-50B, but it's processing core is too slow to reduce lag (latency) , and get a perfect and warm reverb!


The device is well enough made, and if you take care for it it will last you a lifetime (probably)!


If you're on stages where possible beer cups fall, and guitars, or where the drummer could step on the device, you may be better off with a BOSS pedal, (made out of metal).


I find I have no complaints about this device, though I did wish the reverb was better, the EQ was more advanced, and the input signal could be set to lower instruments!


The instrument input is made for basses. But if you want to use it with a mic, this pedal won't do it! The input signal for mics is too low for this device. I wished they had created this device with a PAD knob, at least allowing mic sound to be amplified too.


Mic volumes can only be heard, when ALL volume settings are maxed out, EQ is maxed out, and compressor is maxed out. Then you can hear a shallow voice through the mic!


Would I advise this pedal?
Perhaps, perhaps not.
I'd wait until they straightened out these things, and perhaps get a zoom pedal.
They are less in quality, but are almost half the price (or get a zoom 2 pedal).


This device looks good, and sounds ok. Zoom looks bad, and sounds great!
Line 6 sounds better, but costs 2-3x as much.
And boss, like usual is overpriced.

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