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Phantom Guitarworks Teardrop Hollow Body Twelve String

Sound Quality

To begin with the Phantom Teardrop Twelve is unlike any other 12 that’s ever been made before or since.  It’s not a Rickenbacker, and it not a Fender, or any of the other permutations: The Teardrop stands alone period. No need for me to namedrop certain jingle jangle songs because that why you’re here in the first place, right?  This axe can do that, too, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The timbre is there in that you know that this is a twelve string, but it is much  darker sounding… it has a much more resonant chime than the others.


Don't know at this point.  The tuning is much more stable then the old Vox guitars I understand: I'm on the tremolo quite a lot and it's holding, and that's a real good sign.


I think it's worth the $$  Just can't say anything yet about the resale value because they're just not that popular yet.


General Comments

Let’s talk about the aesthetics: Yes, it has the full retro vibe, but it is also quite modern..scratch that—futuristic vibe to it.  The appointments are like no other:  5 Way Selector switch, single coil pickups. mirrored scratch plate—leave it to the brilliant Italian musical visionaries that created the original Vox Teardrop. I’ve always loved 12 strings, and I’ve owned lots of Ricky 12’s, but the Phantom 12 is so different from the old crowd. Many of the old janglers seem dated now, not the Phantom Twelve. This classic is still essential, and is still groundbreaking

Reviewer's Background

Playing guitar 32 years, gigging musician for 5 years. Styles Alternative, New Wave,, Punk, Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Oldies, British

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