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Sound Quality

The SK-1 has some great sounds on it. The piano is an octave higher than most patches, which makes it good for reggae chords. The brass ensemble is a warm analogish sound which is useful when lowered an octave and used for bass. The flute sounds great in Solo mode. The organs are good too. It also has several rhythms and you have an additive synth section and the most important part which is the sampler!


Its pretty good reliability, but durability I’m not sure, since it was originally used as a toy keyboard before sampling got big in the 90’s.


It has a good price! I got mine for free at a thrift store I worked at, where I behaved and the next day, I got to keep it.

General Comments

It still sounds good for 1985 standards.

Reviewer's Background

21 and playing keyboards for over 10 years.

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