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Sound Quality

Well I always wanted another Guyatone regent with the 2 Gold Foil pickups just like the first electric guitar I ever had. It was more of a nostalgia thing but after I found one  (had it set up) those pickups sound great .. they have a sound of there own... 3 way selector switch  , a rich sweet neck pickup & a biting bridge pickup.


This guitar; a late 50's was in somewhat rough shape with the neck not really playable. No truss rod just a reinforced neck. I took it to my luthier & he took care of the neck & also cut a new ebony saddle. It was missing one tone knob & after time I did find an original matching knob. Guyatone built these guitars to last … one of the first electric guitars out of Japan.


The 1958  Guyatone Regent was my very first electric guitar …… it probably cost around $75. back in 1962 this time it cost around $400. and worth every dime. I bought a hard shell case -modified it for a good fit.

General Comments

The 1958 Guyatone Regent has two original Guyatone single coil (Gold Foil) pickups , overwound , no wax potting , double cutaway (very rare) it took me 40 years to find one just like the first one I owned. You see a few single cutaway guitars for sale but the double cutaway model is rare. If you can find one … buy it & you will dig the sounds.

Reviewer's Background

Been playing guitar since 9 yrs old , recorded my first record at 17 and signed to United Artists … with my band mates in the late 60's. Started teaching guitar at 18 & still teaching now at 72. Owned 100's of guitars over the years. Songwriter , singer , own a small analog recording studio. 

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