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Sound Quality

I never thought that a laminated guitar could sound this good. I have played Gibson , Martin ,older Epiphone  & Guild and would put this guitar close to the others.


I must have gotten a fine one .. for a 1980 this FG-331 is great.... the neck angle is correct and it has low action with no string buzz ...also its in almost mint condition ,, I have learned over the years what questions to ask & lucky for me the seller was honest in all his answers .


I picked this one up for $200.   WOW what a surprise to play & hear it.

General Comments

I was once called a Martin snob (my drummers wife - a folk guitarist) would never think of playing a Japanese guitar. Was I WRONG !! this guitar sounds amazing .. now I'm looking for a LS-500 .

Reviewer's Background

Started playing guitar at 9 yrs old & now almost 72 .... I've recorded on United Artists with my band in the late 60's , been teaching guitar since I was 18 and also collecting. Have owned many guitars over the years... I am now a serious Yamaha fan.

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