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Sound Quality

Incredible sounding pedal. It does beautiful smooth overdrive, that really makes your Strat sing on lead lines. A must have for any blues player! Then with the gain dimed, you get thick, full bodied high gain that is in league with the best MAIB pedals on the market. Especially great for post-rock guitar. Boosted with an OD pedal, like an SD-1 or TS9, the pedal is surprisingly incredible for old skool black metal. The full bodied gain really responds well to a mahogany bodied Les Paul or SG guitars. This pedal, like the DS-1 definitely prefers medium output pickups. High output pickups sound brittle and too trebly, but medium or vintage voiced pickups really shine with the gain structure.


It's Boss, so it's built like a tank.


As one of the cheaper pedals on the market, it's invaluable in it's quality.

General Comments

If you're a pedal aficionado, then this pedal is a must! 

Reviewer's Background

Musician for over 25 years, having owned over 50 amps, 100 pedals, and 70 guitars. I mainly play heavy metal.

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