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Sound Quality

Excellent warm tones across the range, good volume, good  mid range bright highs and deep lows.


It is nearly 60 years old with no cracks/deterioration or warping and has the same working machine heads. So I have to say that the build quality is A+. It has always been in a hard case for travel/storage.


I bought mine in the '60s and can't remember the price but I recall it being at the top end of the medium price range and much more expensive than the other Angelica's. Pound for sound it was/is outstanding.

General Comments

Good old Harmony Central to list this superb guitar and the other positive A588 reviews do not surprise me . I bought it new directly from Boosey and Hawkes in the UK. It was by far the best sounding medium price guitar in their enormous London shop. I have used it for many years and it is my friend. I have a large collection of guitars with all the top end makes - Ramirez, Martin, Fender, PRS, Gibson etc and this guitar sits very well within them for sound and performance. An excellent instrument with full and inviting tones. Terrific! 

Reviewer's Background

I have been playing for 57 years, all genre's especially Classical, Rock, Blues, Jazz played in small and large groups/bands and orchestras.  

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