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Keiper 109 109 jazz hollowbody

Sound Quality

Good sounding for jazz and blues which I play


I play it live and it is very well made with no issues


I paid 60 quid from a guy on Gumtree

General Comments

.A fine little hollowbody jazzer with a floating bridge  .It sounds fine for what I play on 10's and fingerstyle .My Gibson stays at home because it doesnt really have any great advantage  unless I want to show off in front of label freaks .so it stays in tune ,hasnt fallen to bits and plays well with a low action and good fret board ,no high frets or sprout .Only hint of an issue is the tail piece needs a more sold piece as it rattles acoustically unplugged  .I solved it with tape over the back .It doesnt show .I would hate to lose it .In fact it would be much easier if my Gibson was stolen as its easier to replace .No issues with that one either by the way

Reviewer's Background

Old git played in 60's bands ,played folk and blues stopped for 30 years ,now play in jazzy bars through a DV Mark Little Jazz.

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