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Sound Quality

I've run two acoustic flat-tops, an acoustic-electric arch-top, semi-hollow electric guitar, stomp-boxes and synthesizers through this amp. Mostly I run it all through the mixer into the inputs on the AC 90.  But I sometimes run the guitars and stomp-boxes straight into it. The amp does a good job of handling all these instruments. It can sound like a Jazz Chorus on the arch-top and electric. Or it can sound like a first-rate acoustic flat-top amp on my Fishman Blender and K&K Western Mini pick-ups on the flat-tops. With keyboards, it is a much better sounding amp than any Roland KC-series amps I've used. I worry a bit about those low piano notes. But because the AC 90 is so versatile, I give it a 5 here. I need an amp to do more than 1 thing.  The AC 90 does a good job on everything. Great studio amp. 


On an AC 60, I had to replace the power supply.  My AC 90 is probably 8-10 years old. I've had no problems yet. Fingers crossed. 


This amp is under-powered and over-priced. I think that's common with a lot of Roland's best gear. The AC 90 is a superb studio amp - a jack of all trades. It's more a portable PA really than a pure acoustic guitar amplifier. But its sound is very competitive if you're only running acoustic guitars through it. I'm not sure how the twin 8's @ 45w per/ would do on stage in a mid-sized venue. I know the AC 60 had limits even in small, wedding reception-sized venues. I haven't tried the AC 90 live yet. 

General Comments

If you can pick one up for reasonable money -- buy it. I got a deal on mine used. For studio work, I wouldn't trade it for any amp out there right now. It does a great job on whatever you run through it. 

Reviewer's Background

I'm a long-time pro with a day job. 

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