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Sound Quality

This bass has the Motown sound. Perfect for jazz and funk. CAMEO was made in Japan by Matsumoku, every thing about this instrument sax quality.  It is a spot on copy of a 1957 Fender Precision bass. complete with bride cover and pick up cover. the body is solid Ash,and natural wood finish. I use Brazilian carnuba wax to polish the body. The neck is maple fret board. The original pick =up was toast. So I had to replace it with original spec pickup.Fully Passive. 


Heavy as hell. built for another 100 years, this bass was made in 1971. Cameo  is not a toy. These  get no respect but if you played and heard it, you would flip out. The tone is like Jaco ,meets James Jamerson. I use it for jazz gigs, but I've had to play some funk full on, and it rips.the tuners are fender style with a vintage fender bridge. I use Fender pure nickle strings.


I paid 40 dollars, and it needed a ton of work, but now,8 months later  it's fully restored and looks like a brand new 1957 p bass. The pick guard is white,and it has a finger rest, so you can use your thumb.I bought a brand new case for it. I run it though my Ampeg PF-500 and Yorkville made in Canada,  Eminence 15"

General Comments

You do not see these anymore. It is worth about $1100 The japanese know their wood. They get better wood,then american fender or Gibson. There is nothing second rate about this bass. I would put it up there against any real 57 p bass, but this CAMEO is a more accurate copy. When Fender tried to sue them,they were so impressed with the quality ,that they made Fender Japan.

Reviewer's Background

I am a professional USAF bandsman retired after 23 years of Saxophone, flute, clarinet, Bass, guitar and piano and drums. I am host of Jazz Horizons on WDPS 89.5 Fm Dayton ,Ohio.  I am private music teacher an freelance musician. Leader of the Starliner's.,and Grant Koeller Quartet. Currently working in 12 bands...

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