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Fender Modern Player Deluxe Telecaster

Sound Quality

So what is not to like, 2xT/2xV, 2 P90s, a thinline body, maple neck with maple fretboard. Tone, some twang, but not ice pick piercing on the bridge PU...I wanted a P90 axe, and this fit the bill. That rich, open, unmistakable P90 sound. Bright, but able to darken up nicely on the neck PU without getting buried in the mix.


Have had this a couple of months now, no problems, seems very solid.  China manufacturing is improving every year, and I will put this up against a MIM anyday.


I got this 'used' [a return, I'm guessing], the plastic cover was still on the pickguard! I played this against the 3 pu Modern Player Tele, and a MIM '72 Thinline Tele RI, and the neck on this one felt right, the body weight was perfect, and for the $350 I paid, it was a steal.  Even at the usual retail of $450, I think this is still a better sounding guitar than the other  MP versions out there.

General Comments

I recently decided my collection needed more Fenders, and I did not have

a Tele. I bought a Tele copy by Hard Luck Kings, the Southern Belle [a

great bargain for a good sounding beater] and I was hooked on the

simplicity and feel. When I stumbled on this one, I had to try it, and

then, had to buy it.This is not a '69 or a '72 thinline,  but compared the the MIM reissues of the '72, this is easily a more 'Tele' sounding instrument, and the charcoal finish is very interesting [although I am hoping it gets a tad more transparent with age]. Also, the necks on many of the other Chinese MP Teles that I have tried felt 'gummy', not slick; this one felt as good as my '75 Strat, right off the shelf. 

Reviewer's Background

I've been playing a wide variety of music for well over 40 years.  For the past 15+ years I have been concentrating on blues, swing and 50's R&B/60's Soul.

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