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Sound Quality

This is a direct clone of the elusive D*#ble Overdrive Special #124. If you are not familiar with these amps listen to Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Bonnie Rait, Stevie Ray Vaughn(he used a Steel String Singer), and Carlos Santana(as of 2001). I use a 335 style guitar and a strat copy, both with upgraded pickups. I can play light and soulful, or, hard and driving, bluesy O/D, and even bright "brit-style" chime. This amp covers all my needs. Clean: fat, thick, blooming chords, kick in the "deep" and get a bit more gain(clean) and really big, flip on th "bright" and jangle to your heart's content, go "jazz" and the gain drops, but, the tone stack becomes more audiophile-like and very interactive. O/D: depends on how you set up the internal gain trimmer, from there the level sets the amount of distortion and the ratio is used to set the balance between the clean and O/D channels. All the same effects with the "deep", "bright" and "jazz/rock" switches as mentioned for clean. Oh yeah, there is also a Preamp boost button on the included footswitch for that over the top push.


Haven't had it very long, but, so far so good. I built the amp from a kit and the layout, design and reputation are tops.


General Comments

In my 36 years of playing, performing and tinkering I have not found an amp that does what this does. For the money, and I'm a bargain hunter, this is most likely the last amp I'll need to buy. I own Taylors, epiphones, washburns, takemines, have owned gibson, fender and ibanez. Self contained demo studio in my house with all the fixin's. When compared with all the big name amps in the big name stores and a few boutique amps in a few boutiques, this thing is easily as good, if not better in some categories, especially for the price. It can be purchased as a complete amp, or, kit with, or without a head cab. If it were stolen, or, destroyed I'd order another without hesitation. If you are looking for D*%ble tone without the enormous price tag, or, mind-numbing search of the original, get this amp!

Reviewer's Background

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