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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

I put this at the end of my distortion pedal chain. It gave a nice volume boost in terms of decibel increase, so it did just what I wanted. It seemed to add a little something to it as well. I'd describe it as an additional scratchy sound. Overall my tone remained a bit colored by the pedal but louder and basically pleasant sounding enough.


Unfortunatley, my particular pedal was not reliable. After I stomped on it over the next few months, maybe 30xs, it started to short out and completely kill my sound. Probably a bad switch or short. I'd step on it again and have my sound back and then it would work ok a few times and the problem would return.

General Comments

I play jazz, blues, rock, classical and current pop/rock. Been playing over 40 years. I own Fender, Gibson, Boogie, Rivera, Marshall, Fulltone, TC Electronic, and a handmade acoustic among other gear over the years. I will probably put this pedal on ebay when I get it back from repair. I really liked this pedal ok when I first got it but it broke after very little use. I don't know, I know guys with older versions of this pedal who did not have problems. Maybe they are using less reliable parts now but I certainly do not know that. When I asked about it I did not receive any response though they did offer to fix it free of charge with the exception of th $12.00 shipping charges. While it is a good product for the price, I would not purchase anything in the future from this company probably though they do seem to back their gear.

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