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Sound Quality

I play this straight into the sound board and monitor it through a teisco del ray amplifyer. When recording I usually go straight into the board and only occasionally do I record with a microphone at the speaker cabinet. Mine is totally quiet (I also use EMGs) I have created patches for Knopfler sounds, Beatle sounds, Satriani sounds with relative ease. I like the acoustic modeling but only when recording.


Mine is serial number 12. I bought it before they were first released. I had to send it in for service once. Other than that it has worked like a charm with no difficulty. I am still using the original tube which surprises me. I have a pod XT but have never had to use it as a backup.

General Comments

I play in church weekly and substitute bass or lead guitar in a couple of local cover bands when they need a sit in. I have been playing guitar since 1957 (I was 6 years old). I have used it with a MIDI set up to control patch and other changes in real time synchronized to backing tracks. I wish the bank switching were available via MIDI.

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