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Zach C

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Pickup

Sound Quality

I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the sound it produces. It has a very high and good output and handles distortion like a dream. The tones are very balanced which is good. If your using dist and play a chord with all the strings, you can hear every voicing of the chord. It is good with any type of rock-related music, I myself play alternative, hard rock and punk rock. The clean is ok, but i don't mind a bit of grit to my clean tones anyway. NOTE: when i first installed the pickup, my strat copy had 250k pots. The sound was better, but still a bit weak. I installed a 500k pot a week later and thats when this pickup showed its full potential. Just remember, 500k is the way to go with this.


General Comments

It was either this or a duncan jb, and i have no regret buying it. I would buy another one anyday. It is an awesome pickup and now the only thing I play is on this guitar. Just remember, 500k pots.

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