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Sound Quality

I use a esp and a hamer throught it into a marshall valvestate.To me it sounds best if you can use both outputs to get a stereo effect.The bottom line is some patches sound great and others sound like crap.The wha really sounds crappy.I have plugged it into a pa system and i get alot of noise out of it.If you can tweak the eq you can get some good sounds out of it,you do have to work at it though.


The only problem i have had is the wha not working somtimes why i dont know,but i dont use a wha anyway.I have used it in gigs without backups.

General Comments

I play heavy metal and hard rock.I wouldnt suggest using this for metal.I preffer a analog petal for that.But I like using it for its convience.I dont think it sounds good directly in the board.But if your looking for alot of sounds and want to take the time to tweak everything its worth it.

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