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voodoo lab Continued Sparkle Drive Overdrive Pedal

Sound Quality

I am using this with a Fender Strat, a Jackson w/ humbuckers, a solid state Crate, and a small tube amp. It has a little noise with the Strat, but that is expected with single coils. I love the sound this thing puts out. I have not been fortunate enough to use an "808", so I cannot tell if it truly sounds like one. That is Voodoo Lab's disclaimer. The Clean control adds a nice punch to the overall sound. Turn it up too high and the overdrive disappears. Mix it in a little and you get a clean distortion of sorts. It has very good note definition. If you are looking for a metal distortion, go somewhere else. This is great for blues and rock. It sounds sweet with a little chorus. Just get one and see for yourself. Using it as a clean boost is great too. It has enough oomph to overdrive my tube amp. The only thing that would be great is if the Tone control worked on the Clean too. It only works on the Gain. Maybe next time. I have to give it a 9 because there is no perfect pedal.


This thing is rock solid. Built to last. No need for a backup.

General Comments

I play mostly in the blues and rock genre with a little funk and jazz mixed in. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a versatile overdrive pedal to go and buy one. I would definately buy another one under any circumstance. I forgot to mention that it is true bypass. All in all, it is a great pedal for $109.

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