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Sound Quality

Overall, the sound quality is excellent. The pitch shifter is not intelligent, and it seemd to track slow to me. Having 4 voices on the pitch shifter is nice, but not really usable for me. I thought the delay time were short. The longest being only in mono. Chorus--up to 8 voices--was very nice and reverbs sounded great too. The unit was quite but a loud beep occurred at power up.


seemed to be built with quality.

General Comments

Bought new at local guitar center.


Overall, it was good, but I returned it and got a used t.c. electronic g-major--you can read my review. I would have bought a new g-force or g-major instead of keeping the intellifex. I think both the intellifex and g-major retail for about the same price right now.


The tuner,eq,extra effects, sound quality and other options on the g-major made that the effects box for me and I think it's a much better buy and far mor versatile on sounds and features.

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