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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Reasonable level. It all depends on the amp, some are better than others at handling the level this puts out [Tone] Depends on the orientation and nearness to the strings [Sonic evaluation] I've used this with an old Hohner, Dean Markley, Crate and a Fender deVille as well as running it through my Carvin PA system, using all three guitars. This pickup keeps a fairly close representation of an acoustic sound with the levels reasonable. Turn them up & it gets more electric sounding. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] I play Americana. The pickup works well when needed.


General Comments

[Comments] This is an exellent pickup for the money. There are lots of them out there that don't do as well and cost a lot more. I've been using this quite a lot since I bought it in the early 80's. The cord is a bit of a pain in the fact that it does get in the way at times but you can easily work around it. You can set the orientation to adjust for the trebbly or bassy sound you may get & every piezo unit has to be eq'd as well as most transducers so what's the difference. I have used it in many live sets and also on some recordings. You do have to stay away from other electronic gear to minimize hum. If you have problems with hum move the hell away from your amp or mixer. A mic will certainly give better acoustic tone but there is more of a problem with feedback and this pickup seems to be fairly resistant to that. Overall, if you need a pickup that is easily transferred this is one to look at. Those of you who complain about the cord should look at a permanent mount unit, particularly if you've cut the cord & run it through the end pin. You just lost your flexibility to change to another instrument. I would certainly buy it again.



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