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Sound Quality

I use an Epiphone les paul studio, with and aph-1 neck, and duncan jb bridge (not short of a gibson, it has its own unique sound with good pickups)through a marshall vs65, and jcm900, fx loop, with the original crybaby, boss eq, chorus, and art levelar. Well I used to, I needed the compressor/levelar before, to get that thick controlled sound I wanted, but with the eq, I can get any sound I want, so live, I just use the compressor on the voice. The pedal is somewhat noisy depending on how your levels are, but mind you this is in a high gain setting, in clean the noise is not noticeable. Don't let the noise discourage you from getting this pedal, because at the level that you hear a noticeable noise in high gain settings, the guitar sound is much much louder and clearer. The noise isn't added by the pedal, it pretty much comes from your guitar. Live, the noise is nothing, no one hears it, I just ordered a noise suppressor for recording, and i will defenitely continue take advantage of the awesome sounds I get out of the eq pedal. Like I said the controls are very responsive and create very significant differences in sound although remaining transparent in sound leaving you with your signature tone, just with altered bass treble mids, etc. With my epiphone, I can copy any sound, I can make it sound like 70's funk as good as a fender would, and get that crisp distortion from Alien Ant Farm, and this is with the eq alone. I can even do almost any distorted or clean sound I need, made my vs65 sound like the jcm tube amp.


It's a boss...

General Comments

I play my originals, which go from old school rock 'n roll, to metal, to alternative, folk whatever. I've been playing 2 years and plan to own all the boss pedals. If it were stolen I'd buy another one. I love how it lets me shape my sound into anything. I tried other eq's from dod, ibanez, this was the best, most responsive, most organic sounding. I wish it had noise suppression. I couldn't play a lot of my stuff without it, well I could, but it wouldn't feel the same.

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