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Sound Quality

Like I said earlier * Epiphone Les Paul Studio, with stock neck pickup & duncan JB bridge & custom made slim body acoustic cutaway w/fishman sound hole HB. I put effects after it, umm, Boss: chorus ensemble, eq, digital delay, noise supressor; Original Crybaby wah, ART tube compressor. * It suits my music style greatly, a mix of alternative, funk, and old rock & roll. (it make everything I play sound very important, very serious, like it can't be interrupted.) Sounds very clean and precicioned, no extra unwanted overtones or noises. It sounds like a hughes and kettner amp. You'll recognize its sound when you listen to fuel, rush, zz top, johnny lang, cracker. * Direct to sound card has no noise at all, it adds a tiny hum to my amp and mixer however just like any other tube driven equipment, but gets quieter as the tube warms up. And in live situations, it's practicaly silent easily covered by wind or any small sound. When you hit the strings however, it's gone, even if you try to listen for the noise. I use a noise supressor and it makes the amp studio perfect. * It behaves like an amp, I got feedback out of my computer speakers. No matter what you plug it into, anything that will amplify sound, will give you a good sound. * The clean channel is sparkling, but slightly thin for some tastes, it sounds like the clean channel of a fender twin reverb, but a a little bit wetter, 3 dimensional. Distorts slightly when defeated I think that's what makes it sparkle. * Crunch sounds like the clean of my marshall JCM, good for blues or hendrix type sounds. * Lead has plenty of crunch, very thick sounding, yet tight in the low end. Could be used for punk, metal, emo, but won't sound like a marshall, I wouldn't play led zeppelin w/ it, but the crunch channel could suffice. The distortion really sings in any setting. * There is a small sound when switching from lead to clean, like the sound of tapping a microphone, but not noticeable live. But that noise isn't there when the strings aren't ringing, and if you hit your strings at the same time that you switch, for abrupt switching, there is no sound. I think because the distortion is so thick when it has to become thin again for clean, the difference causes that small noise.


* looks like you could kill someone with it.

General Comments

I've been playing 4 years, been doing original music since the beginning and it's great for producing the sound that I want. Like i said earlier, it makes the guitar work sound very important but doesn't cover the rest of the band. It has a lot of presence, but it stays in its place. The kind of sound it makes is very easy to sing with, unlike my marshall whose distortion covers voice, it has a very distintive guitar sound. I compared it to the Pod, and Mesa V-twin, and liked it so much more. Didn't want all those effects, an the V-twin just wasn't the sound for me. I want to buy a hughes and kettner puretone tube amp or a combo from them I love the sound, it really brings out the best in your guitar.

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