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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

Sound quality is real nice on the clean channel. I have owned a few Fender amps, and this seems to have more tone depth than the Fenders. However, nothing touches a Fender clean sound. It is a toss up which I would prefer to play depending on mood at the moment. The sound has a bit of problem in the midrange which I don't like but, I can use a seperate EQ and can get rid of it. I replaced the stock speakers with Eminence alnico speakers which softened the sound a bit and replaced the stock tubes with JJ's from Eurotubes. That change smoothed out the distortion a bit more. The distortion channel is nice, however at times I would like more distortion. The setup I usually use is a compressor pedal into the amp on the clean side and an attenuator for more power tube distortion at tolerable listening levels. I normally play a Stratocaster or a Les Paul with it. I play blues/rock which this amp is well suited for. The amp is not very noisy unless cranked. At that point all is relative. Not much noise for the volume level. Brutal distortion is not part of the amp design, its more classic sounding.


Built like a tank, very dependable.

General Comments

I have playing 40+ yrs. and have had alot of equipment over the years. If it was stolen I wouldn't buy another because I own 2 of them. I like the design and simplicity of the amp. Oh yeah, did I forget the sound? I don't like the exposed tubes and a popping sound when turning it off which could be a problem if used at a wedding, a funeral or some other place that a distraction isnt desired.

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