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Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar

Sound Quality

I think for the price the sound is pretty good. this was my first ever guitar and I thought it was altight. I play a variety of music, from grunge to blues. I quite like playing this clean on the neck pickup, you can get a good sort of grunge/metal tone with the bridge with loads of overdrive. I dont really like playing 'indie' with it, low gain, it doesnt really suit it, thats why im getting a fender tele.


OK, heres my problem, nobody else seems to have had it. The frets have worn away, from like a year onwards. The strings have worn into the frets, so whenever you try to bend them them get stuck in what basically is a 'trench'. very dissapointed, i know its cheap but you wouldnt expect this to happen so soon. everything else seems fine and durable.

General Comments

I think this is a great guitar to learn on, it took me a while to settle on a mid range priced guitar that i liked simply because this sounded better than many others. If i were to learn again id buy this, despite the fret damage. If it wernt for the frets id be raving about this guitar saying every beginner should get one.

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