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Sound Quality

With the billm mods, cream board and Jensen P12R AlNiCo speaker, this is the BEST Blues Jr. that I have ever heard. Virtually no amp hum or buz, can get anything from nice clean sparkly highs to fat crunchy overdrive without any pedals - Just by adjusting guitar volume, EQ, reverb, amp volume and amp master volume. I play the Blues & rock using Tele's & Strat's. I use this in my home and have played clubs with a band for up to 75 people with no problem. Compared to all the other BJ versions out there, I would have to rate the sound of this particular Fender BJ version a solid 10.


I have 4 fender tube amps, and 5 Fender electric guitars and I have never had one break. I just keep my equipment in good service and it has never let me down. Credit to Fender for good solid products!

General Comments

I've been playing over 40 years. I got the BJ because it is an excellent sounding amp for the size and price (easy to carry around) Like I said above, with the billm mods (tone stack, adjustable bias and power stiffening), and the Jensen P12R AlNiCo speaker, & the fender shop relic job, this combo has all the amp tone & mojo I need.

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