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Sound Quality

Plenty of arguments out there about which inductor Thomas Organ used sounds the best. I¿¿¿ve used one of each at some point and keep coming back to the TDK 5103. I¿¿¿ve read reviews about this inductor describing it as having a ¿¿¿human quality¿¿¿ about it¿¿¿s voice and that¿¿¿s the best way I can describe it. The sweep is about the same as modern Dunlop pedals.


Reliability? They are bullet proof. It¿¿¿s worth replacing the pot so you don¿¿¿t have to worry about 30 years of grime building up inside and making it scratchy and true-bypass is a must. You may also want to swap out the jacks with some new high replacements. Once you take care of that there¿¿¿s really nothing else to go bad on the pedal.

General Comments

Buy them up because they are getting harder to find and 10 years from now they will be 3 times as much.

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