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Sound Quality

Wah: DELICIOUS! Personally, I find classic crybaby wah's sound to be really gross. Just my personal opinion, I find them too trebly thin to be used for anything apart from mindless wanking above the 12th fret. This wah, if adjusted nicely, can really let you shape your sound in a much more pleasing way. Volume: Once adjusted, works perfectly. Nice and smoothe.


Well, it looks to be about 20 years old. Oldest pedal in my board, and it will probably outlast some of my newer stuff. The case is thick, the parts appear to be solid. I can't really forsee it crapping out any time soon. And if it does, I could probably find another one in even better condition if I tried.

General Comments

I play everything, have been playing for 3 years. If it were lost/stolen, I would find another one. I love the distinctive, warm wah sound it has - and the volume is solid too.

I wish DOD still made these - exactly the way they made this one. I would buy a new one and treat it with care. Though my used one is holding out fine.

If you see one of these on a table on somebody's lawn, take a chance on it.

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