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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

The overdriven sound is perfect for my Alternative Country Rock. I just love the sound. It is not noisy unless you crank it to the max. The battery compartment is under the on/off pedal. Just depress the two hinge pins and there is the battery (which it comes with). I use it for some lead work but especially for my slide work. Oh, yeah, it shines there. I use a Fender custom Shop FMT Telecaster with hums (a DiMarxio X2N in the front) through a Crate VFX5212. I hear there are some guys doing mods on this pedal. If they are, they are just ripping you off as there is little to change other than the LED. The adition of Tantalum caps, will just add noise. For my money, they are rip off artisits where the Bad Monkey is concerend.


Beats me. The other Digitech equipment I have, have never failed. It is metal and all the components are surface mount mil-spec, so I would assume it would last a long time. Yeah, I would gig without a backup. (but I always gig with a backup amp!!!!!)

General Comments

Overall, I rate it a 10 as it has taken the forefront in my medium overdrive arsenal. I just love the sound. Only thing I wish it had was a true bypass rather than active j-fet bypass. Even with the J-fet bypass, there is little if any signal degradation. If it were stolen or lost, I would get another (after I put the thief in the hospital). I play Alternative Country Rock, and this pedal is the item. I have been playing a full 40 years. I own 5 tube amps, one SS amp and several Strats. I have compared it to my Nady TO-2 and the Behringer Tube Overdrive and the Bad Monkey blows them both away. Way better sound, way less noise. It definitely adds to my creativity and my overall sound. I can't recommend it enough.

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