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Sound Quality

I love the sound of this amp...I am not going to compare it to anything out there...don't care too...I just know that the first time I played this amp back about 4 years ago, that I couldn't stop thinking about it! I have played out with and recorded with a Peavey 5150 combo (my first amp) "liked it", a Marshall DSL100 "liked it", Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier "liked it", and a CAE 3+SE to Marshall 50/50 "man i loved that amp, but my rack was getting out of hand and was so damn heavy!" Finally I got the guts and a new job..haha...and bought the Ecstasy! I can say that this amp is defently my favorite amp! This thing can cover a lot of ground and move tons of air!


I have had no troubles with it or my other amps...I treat them special...


General Comments

I've been playing/recording for around 10 years now and this is defently my go-to-amp!

Reviewer's Background

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