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Gibson Alex Lifeson ES-355 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

One of the best guitars I have ever played. Can do any genre of music. From Hard rock, punk, heavy metal, to new wave to country to blues. I have never played such a versatile instrument in my freakin' life. I have had many fine instruments through out my life and have a really awesome selection to choose from at the moment so I have quite a bit of experience with sound, versatility and playability. At the moment I own 15 guitars which include Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, and my cheapest one an Ace Frehley Epiphone. ALl my others are top notch, made in USA or Japan. My favs are my Custom Shop Ace Frehley and my 58' Les Paul VOS reissue in Bourbon Burst with a 77' Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge. However, now that I have the Alex, I must say that it is also one of my favs. It produces sounds which my Les Paul's just cannot do.


It's a Gibson Custom Shop made in USA, enough said!!!


General Comments

My two favorite bands are Rush and Kiss. My guitar heros are Ace Frehley and Alex Lifeson.

I own an Ace Frehley Custom Shop and an Alex Lifeson Custom Shop. What more do I need!


Overall, the Alex Lifeson is an awesome playing instrument, easy to play, very versatile, sounds amazing, and beautiful to look at. It's not a light intrument for sure due to the fact that it is large bodied and made of mostly maple which is a very heavy, hard wood. But, the sound makes up for the weight because it sounds awesome!

Reviewer's Background

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